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​Our Client List
  •  Wavlite – A disruptive new Music & Video Search Service
  •  Phoenix Revolution – a water source desalination and decontamination technology
  •  PSD Industries – Patented Vacuum Diffuser Drain Protection System 
  •  Global Marketing Ventures – a Digital Marketing Solutions provide
  •  East-West Business Partners – Business Development agency for Asia-based investors
  •  Growthberry Llc- a pioneer in employee productivity
  •  E-Systems Corp. – circuit board manufacturing and assembly 
  •  Cabot Business Advisers - turnaround management
  •  Wainstreet Llc - credit portfolio management and benchmarking tools
  •  Verdant Power – hydrokinetic energy producer
  •  New England College of Business - online accredited business college
  •  New Venture Media Group - media marketing and promotion
  •  Boston Influential - new media investor group